Time marches on...
and the low octane version of the DigitalNZ API upon which the NZ Picture Show danced was retired on 17 September 2014.

So much has changed since the blog post that created this website. Rather than try to redevelop on the new API I am redirecting NZ Picture Show searches to hopefully similar results in the very fine DigitalNZ Gallery.

All the best!
POPULARAdvertising Aircraft Alexander Horsburgh Turnbull Antarctica Anzacs Apia Apirana Ngata Architecture Art Artist unknown Auckland Australia Autumn Babies Beards Bicycles Billboards Bird Blue Buildings Buses Cabbage trees Cairo Cars Cartoons Cats Centennial exhibition Charles heaphy Chatham Islands Cheese Children Christchurch Christmas Churches Cigarettes Circus Clothing Clouds Coal mines Colin McCahon Cook Costumes Cuba St Dancing Deco Desert Distance Donald McLean Douglas Campbell Drawings Dunedin Durville Earthquakes Eastbourne Ephemera Farms Fashion Fences Ferns Fiji Fishing Flax Flowers Flying boats Fountains France Glaciers Graffiti Green Group Hairstyle Haka Hats Herman Schmidt Horses Hotels Hydro-electric Illustrations Invercargill Italy John Kinder Joseph banks Kaikoura Kauri Keas Kiwi Kowhai Lambton quay Landscape Levin Lighthouses Locomotives Lyall bay Maori Maori battalion Maps Marae Masterton Medals Medicine Mezzotints Moko Motorcycles Mountains Musicians Nac Napier Nelson Newtown Night Orange Oval Paddocks Paintings Pakeha Papua New Guinea Parihaka Parliament Peaks Penguins Petone Pianos Picnics Ponsonby Port chalmers Portraits Postcards Posters Prime ministers Prints Profile Queen St Queenstown Ralph Hotere Red Richard taylor Rita Angus Rongotai Royal visit Ruapehu Rugby Samoa Shaking hands Shaw savill Sheep Ships Sketches Snow Spring Stained glass Steam Storms Summer Surf Te Aro Te Papa Telephones Tents Thomas Frederick Scales Tonga Tourism Trains Trams Treaty of waitangi Trees Trucks Tāngata Whenua Usa Villas Wahine Waikato Wairarapa Waitangi Waka Wanganui War Watercolours Waves Weatherboards Weddings Wellington Whare William partington Winter Yellow